hi it's november 5


the year is almost over like that is so unbelievable like just how quickly can year pass by, but then again it wasnt not really quick, rather it was somewhat trying. i have no idea as to what i am trying to say here, but yeah id describe the year going by as a rollercoaster i suppose, few parts went by quick but then again few parts went as slow as a turtle

currently there are just 56 days for the year to end and like just yeah

anyways a quick update like not really but yes im doing more or less decent, and i uh recently took a break from studies and such and went to this other city and it was somewhat fun id say, though i did try my best to study there like but it wasnt up to standards like yeah ive noticed on a couple of days its like i am stuck in this room in one corner on the desk studying and sleeping and wasting time and stuff like its getting stale? stagnant? idk really but yes

oh yeah recently this friend of mine from coaching challenged me in a test and i ended up winning so now he owes me a pizza i do not know if i have already mentioned this on the site but yes it happened quite recently so idk

um also yes like recently nta delted a bunch of the jee-mains syllabus so i expect the competition for it to increase even more this year and on 2025 aa so yes most people are happy that they removed allat but i suppose they should look at it from a diff viewpoint

i think this is the first time ive written as much as this on the site/personal thingy but yeah i kinda feel bad tbh like i dont think i actually behave as myself in my posts and that really defeats the entire point of this website i'll try to improve that now onwards

class 11 has pretty much ended and thats so weird to think about cuz it wasnt even that long ago when it started and like yeah i havent even been to school much like pretty much go for like 1 or 2 days and that kinda makes me feel somewhat detached from school which is weird i suppose i do not know

anyways yes bye also so much so for shop.aadi.net.in but hopefully one day when im successful and all ill be able to sell my autographs from there and like make a buck ton of money that would be cool yesyes

ok yes bye stay safe :)