may summary.


the months not over yet but might as well sum up what i did this month.

i uh made two utility scripts - without just skidding off of other people.

  • -- a command line utility that helps users mount new ext4 drives.
  • -- a simple note making cli tool.

idk why but i am somewhat proud of myself for making them anyways yes.

i also uh studied quite a bit, got put into a coaching institute like one week ago and so far its going pretty well - i do have a lot to catch up on tho.

i also had exams this week - was pretty decent and uh yeah my summer vacations about to start, 22 days of not going to school. {i dont get a vacation from coaching :')} schools fun tho so eh.

one thing w all that tho is that i am not able to study by myself at home like i used to, kind of a bummer cuz that was probably the only time i studied properly but ye ill fix something up okok

next month, i am hoping to uh get physically active more- idk my current bmi is 22.7 and thats kinda decent and also uh learn how to drive idk ok bye