the 28th of decemeber i think


hi all

idk why i havent updated in so so long but i guess its only fair if i do so now

a lot has changed -- i shifted the site from github pages to my own rpi0w. now if the site is down i suppose its due to fault on my end but o welp im not sure why i did that but yeah was a fun experience

i made a file server for myself using filebrowser its really neat and minimal and cool and works somewhat perfectly(?) on the rpi.

i had family visiting and was somewhat occupied and all i guess.

oh yeah i have also started using this cool ncurses program for spotify called ncspot

ncspot ss ncspot ss ncspot ss

i really love it -- i did try spotify-tui, another popular name in the spotify cli userspace but uh it was really slow for me and i couldnt figure out why so i gave up on it :/

studies havent been going well unfortunately im afraid, im like totally not meeting the expectations i have of myself but uh yeah im trying to become better

anyways a very merry christmas to everyone (even though im like 3 days late) and i hope you all have a goood year the upcoming year. thansks a lot for reading all this and cyall bye :)

( PS follow my spotify @ /spotify c: )