ee idk what i should use as a title so i shall just have it as the date for now.

i havent really been using my computer a whole lot in a while, i dont really have much to do nowadays on it anyways.

though, recently i have been falling down the rabbit hole of 90s styled stuff, i found an old handycam and ive been trying to make it work properly - it even records on a tape and all and its all very fascinating to me. i also started using this old camera i found which really makes me appreciate the beauty of stuff from the 1990s and 2000s. now almost everything is doable from a slim boring flashy phone.

ive also been experimenting w/ the chicago95 xfce theme - it really is a work of art like idk something ab things from that period of time just feels right, even though i wasnt even alive back then.

im planning to try to make this really old boxkinda computer we have packed up tmrw or sum lets see i shall make a post here accordingly idk.

anyways okay bye :))