selfhosted youtube.



youtube-local is really cool service that allows you to self host your own instance of youtube.

i have tried to install another popular self-hostable instance of youtube, a fork of this very project, yt-local but unfortunately, was unable to make the video player work for some reason.

anyways regardless of that, it was very easy to install youtube-local on my system,

git clone yt-local
cd yt-local

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


making a .service file for systemd,

Description=My Youtube

ExecStart=/home/aadi/.local/src/yt-local/env/bin/python /home/aadi/.local/src/yt-local/
ExecReload=/home/aadi/.local/src/yt-local/env/bin/python /home/aadi/.local/src/yt-local/


and also setting up a redirect plugin to make everything youtube reroute to my instance of yt, using a firefox plugin called redirector.


im currently having fun using this as,

  • its very smooth
  • it allowed me to import my subscriptions from newpipe
  • it allows for customisability

all that aside, im doing well, ive been studying hard :) cyall <3 bai