ricing linux.


how i got into linux rices and how to get a similar set-up.

okay so




the first time i ever customised my linux set up was back during corona when we still had online classes.

i had watched this video titled: "cerulean - make linux beautiful" posted by #sudo.

i had never really seen such artistic beauty before- i never really had seen any rices up until that point.

i followed his guide on how to get my setup to look like that, and did everything accordingly. this was during classes - and i couldnt attend any that day haha.

anyways its been like what 2 years since then, and i dont think ive ever went back to a "desktop environment" or uh a non-tiling window manager since then. (i do not know the proper terminology :3)

i've used multiple window managers - bspwm, i3wm, xmonad, awesomewm, qtile and now dwm. i've riced p much all of em following tutorials and stuff and yeah its been pretty fun. i dont really get why i like to switch wms sm but yea.

currently, i am an avid fan of bugswriter, and i watch pretty much every video he uploads. he uploaded this video, titled: "linux ricing crash course." and it went over pretty much every point you need to have a nicely riced set-up.

ill link a couple of stuff to supplement the things he went over in his video:

  • sxhkd. you can use this as your hotkey manager, instead of writing it in dwm's config and recompiling the program everytime. here is my config for sxhkd.
  • newlook. this is basically his newlook.sh - you might want to change the xrdb thingy.
  • wallpapers. you can download my wallpaper collection here <3

and uh yes ok bye for now.