the need for a personal website.


my opinions on why a personal website is needed.

it is really important for a person to create an identity for themselves in this modern age, to have their own little space on the internet to display themselves however they want to, without a whole lot of restrictions.

currently people use social media as a tool to showcase themselves, where people have to follow certain guidlines set by the company owning the app/website, which might get into the way for a lot of people.

theres also the matter of customisabilty, with your own website you can do whatever you want to do, and that might actually help viewers gain an insight on the personality of the author and might even help people better connect w/ them. for me this website current is just a black background w white text, but hopefully i will be able to make it better in the future.

not only that, but there is no censorship in terms of content that you are making on your own - as you yourself control the environment.

you can organise stuff wayyy better if you use your own website and configure things on your own.

its imperative to have an identity - to make yourself atleast somewhat different from the rest of the crowd and give yourself an unique edge.

currently most websites are corporate owned and controlled sites with almost no personality, everything is just simplified text w white backgrounds, and bucketload of ads tracking you and building somewhat of a profile on you based on your clicks, on your browsing history.

i didn't really get to experience the golden age of the internet - where every site had a personal touch and people could actually connect w the person behind the site. i kinda get jealous when people talk about such sites and i really feel like i have missed out. this youtube video showcases the glory of the internet we lost really well.

im honestly sad that more sites aren't like the ones showcased and are just articles good for the "algorithm" getting reposted by multiple sites in minutes, with people just copying whatever "works".

with people making personal websites itll be amazing for people like me to just get the experience of the "old" internet once, while also letting people express themselves on their own terms <3

tbh, i get why people prefer to use simpler ways to get their thoughts out there, but it really undermines the freedom aspect of things.

neocities is a really amazing and commendable project aiming to bring back this beautiful world back and theyre doing an amazing job at it. although i do not host my website on neocities, they are definitely worth checking out.

their about page explains what i am trying to really well and is a must read.