the blissful art of note-making


note making.


making notes is a really important thing, as it allows a person to look back into a certain topic and recollect stuff.

basically jotting down whatever the teacher is saying is not note-making- thats like stenography or whatever the term is for the ppl who sit by the court and transcribe stuff like irl subtitles.

anyways yes so while making notes you need to write down your understanding of the concept- not just the book definitions. only this way, you will be able to recall things easily while revising thru your notes.

you can download n numbers of notes of a certain chapter/topic online, but they will never be as good as your own notes, if you put effort into them, instead of just making them for the sake of it.

lecture notes and fair copies

i have a friend in the coaching i recently joined, who brings a single copy for the three subjects, writes whatever is being done in class, and then goes home and write stuff in a "fair copy".

tbh, this is a good thing to do, you get to revise whatever had been done in class, while also making a copy that will be used in the future, when you are revising concepts. but, i dont think that it is good for all subjects, as it will take away a lot of time from your day, for things you will be able to remember by just looking at a sum once (im talking about maths).

it is advisable for chemistry tho- cuz chemistry.


oh i love indentation, i always use indentation wherever i can. just the thought of having an hierarchical order in which the notes are organised makes me go :))))

anyways yes indentaion is really useful in a lot of cases, such as making sub-definitions or like writing examples. this way your information will not just go anywhere it wants to but will be in a neat and clean order.


this is just personal preference, but i like spaced out notes- it makes it easier to read, and yeah looking at chunks of information compacted into like 4 lines is not uh dandy (look at me using cool words).


meh, i dont really find colorful notes attractive, but once again this is just personal preference. i usually just stick to 3 colors, - blue, - black, - red.


it is important to create an index and update it everytime u start writing ab a new topic, this way your copy is going to be organised by itself. you can also stick those sticky label thingies and label the copy asper chapters.

it is also important to store your copies properly, wo them getting dirty- no eating maggi and spilling everything on ur copy.


unless youre a god at english (like me), refrain from using abbreviations, but if you dont care ab your english-skills go ahead.

anyways thats pretty much it byebye <3