feeling substandard and other things.


title yes haha ok yes

hi idk this is a different post than normal im just going to be like talking ab that feeling when youre worse than everyone around you and like you just dont feel up to the mark :/

i feel like this should be a pretty common feeling for the average aspirant who actually studies im not talking abt those guys who just come to class to text with their head held high lmfao but yeah

its not actually a bad thing tbh it serves somewhat as motivation like it provides you witht the uh fiRe like yes but the most important thing is to make proper use of the said fire as it is very easy to liek lose hope or sum like that idk how to put it in words.

think of it as uh heat and work done, while both are forms of energy one is ordered and the other is just random of sort liek yes thats the simplest way i can put it i guess.


its important to make sure that all the heat is converted into work just like in the ideal carnot engine.

but then again that is infact the "ideal" case and therefore not possible 100% but yes its really important to try your best to do that.