discord servers.


a list of discord servers that you should be in.

(this list is going to be updated every once in a while so yeah ignore the date and stuff.)

  • one of the best servers that im in: ctt
  • another really good tech related (mainly linux ricing) server: r/unixporn
  • nice little server i found to help w/ resource packs: search packs



this server has like loads of giga nerds who have information about almost everything tech (mainly rendering and stuff) related and theyre really supportive at times.

its owned by couleur, the king of renders and yeah its a must join.



this is the official r/unixporn's discord server.

there are people who help you out w anything linux and ricing related and yea its nice :)

search packs


in this neat little server, the general chats french (i think) but yeah they do talk in english too. you can search for any pack by providing screenshots or a video and they try their best to help you out and provide you w a link :)