my daily life and stuff.


daily routine stuff.

well, its been a while since ive updated the blog - sorry about that.

ive been really busy as of lately with studies and what not anyways yea

i have started using obsidian - a note taking application which im sure that most of you have heard of, to journal my daily life and stuff. obsidian is a really neat piece of software, with fancy stuff and plugins.

my physics teacher in school has these really neat digitally written notes which im honestly jealous of and obsidian's excalidraw plugin drew me towards it with how neat it seemed and all like i can go on and on about how cool the notes look like awdjiaj. ehem anyways yes i want my notes to look visually beautiful too so yes

ive been making these daily notes to write down what i do (study) everyday and also to make somewhat of a planned structure for the next day --> something my granma has always wanted me to do so. my granma is really nice and very good at time-management and things :)

anyways now ill provide somewhat of a basic daily routine of mine:

  • wake up (at like 5:30 - 6 when i have to go to school or study more and at like 7:30 when i do not)
  • take my bath and eat (drink milk) by the like next 30 minutes or so
  • exercise!1!1!111
  • sit down to study (basically revise what i did yesterday and then start new studies)
  • eat breakfast
  • go to school if i have to, otherwise procrastinate and waste time like a clown and then start studying again at like 8:30/9
  • i take a break from studies at like 12:30 and start again at like 1 or so (after having my lunch)
  • at 3:20ish i get back from school and then i freshen up and stuff
  • i eat my lunch by 3:45 if i went to school
  • i leave for my coaching and get there at like 4:05 or sum idk it depends on the traffic obviously
  • i get back from coaching at like 8:55/9:00ish and then i have my dinner and chill (waste my time) for like an hour or so and then i try and study till like 12
  • i try to do school's work only after 12, the day before i need to submit the assignments and homeworks and worksheets and all the other stupid stuff yesyes
  • and then i sleep :)

most people would normally think this timetable to be largely unhealthy but o welp im having fun studying so

ok i shall now like provide screenshots of obsidian cuz yes

obsidian obsidian