i talk about brutalism!! :)))


what exactly is brutalism?

it is a type of raw, minimalist aesthetic focused on having fast loading sites, free of annoying ads blowing up on your screen every few seconds, interrupting the eXpErieNce.

it is often found nostalgic at times - due to the essence of the "old internet", when times were much simpler, being one of the main factors of brutalism, where people just started to discover the beauty of the internet, and not just chase after money.

the need for brutalism.

in this age, brutalism is a much needed necessity. it provides relief from the sites that ask you to sign up for a newsletter whenever you scroll, that bombard you with advertisements and weird betting sites, that redirect you with pointless URL shorteners, even going so far as to prevent you from navigating to the previous page with the back arrow >:(

in the current state of the internet, an average person encounters 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day1. now, this is not just due to the internet, but the internet does play a major role.

hence, the ideology of brutalism in the form of web design was born, taking insipirtaion from the brutalist architecture movement, it features a minimal, bare-bones version, which may or may not be unpleasant to look at for some people.

it laughs at the idea of having overly complicated sites, which do not even work for all devices, just to display something as simple as textual content.

the primary focus is on content and functionality, and that only.

there is no need for unnecesarry eye candies, when all they do is slow down the entire page. - someone probably

is it ugly, or beautiful?

people often find brutalistic websites to be "ugly", while not comprehending the core focus of brutalism - speed and content.

huge amounts of designing is not needed for a simple site, and therefore, its possible to find somewhat of a different type of beauty in brutalistic sites.

each person has their own opinion, but for me, and many others, brutalism is a form of art, which is differentiated by its defiance to follow current normal 'modern' standards, while showcasing just the necessities.

sites to check out.

here are a couple of brutalist sites i found, which are worth checking out.


the above quote is excerpted from's article on how many ads do we see a day in 2023?.