bored of etch.


me going thru phases

okayyy i use zola with no prebuilt theme now <3

old -->

okay so i use risotto now.

okayyyy soooooooo im already bored of etch.

etch really is a good minimal theme which i like a lot but yea i alr am bored of it for some reason.

the main reason is that i have decided to move on from etch is that codeblocks dont look really great and are kinda tOo minimal.

i know that i am currently talking to 0 readers so like there is no one to notice the change and stuff but yeah

i have decided to create my own theme or sum if needed, and honestly that should actually be a good thing for me to do for learning stuff :thumbsup:

anyways yeah little update on what im planning on working on for now.

byebye stay safe!1!