a blog.


this is a blog or sum.


how was this blog made.

this blog was made w/ the use of zola, it was simple to set up and yeah, its nice and fast and suits my requirements.

it was originally made using hugo using etch/risotto as themes, but now has been rewritten for zola.

oh i am also hosting this blog using github pages.

its recommended to read up on all of that to make a blog like this quickly and easily.

aadi. who

iDk wHo i aM mYseLF, aNd wiLL nEed tiMe tO rEfLEct uPon iT, aNd fiND mY oWn tRue sElf tO aNswER tHat.

i hav a lot of time to think ab and do stuff nowadays so i made up my mind to write things.

anyways you can expect random stuff to be posted here oka bye