the problem w artificial intelligence.


a 15yo pcm student's thoughts and opinions on ai.

what is ai.

artificial intelligence, 'ai', from my understanding, is a program that has been given data, from which it learns and remember things, to later use the information to produce answers.

ai can be thought of as the "perfect student". as from what i can make of the entire thing is that, being a computer ai has an incredible potential to think and reason logically. ai will also have access to top-notch capabilities to store and easily 'memories'. also, the libraries of information that it can access makes a huge difference.

based on a specific role, ai will be able to do our jobs a 100x times more efficiently and better than us, and people are finally realising the potential of ai, and are researching, devoloping and are innovating new concepts which benefit ai.

i understand why ai is an important topic, it "improves" peoples lives and such but thats not true for everyone. sure, it may, say help a certain group of people choose services or say help organise things in a supermarket better based on the customers they receive daily.

but, it also takes away loads of jobs that humans previously worked. like say if not now, a couple of years from now, a software developer who just recently started their profession, will most probably wont be able to find a reasonable job, as ai will be doing the job they do rn (as of writing this article) for companies and stuff easily. new developers will have no work to do and there will be a downfall of cs-based work opportunities.

ik a lot of people are always talking about all this but it really is important to do so.

hopefully by then, "beginners" would be considered to be well versed in stuff like this.

how long ai actually has been w/ us.

ai has actually been there for a long time, but it just recently has gotten the attention it deserves, with the public accessing projects like dall-e and chat-gpt. social media has been taken by storm by such projects and almost everyone in the tech hemisphere is talking about it.

i have found this good article which talks about the history of ai. according to it, ai had started flourishing around the 1950s.


ai is a very interesting topic to talk about, and has a lot of potential to automate multiple jobs in the future. although, ai might create a lot of job security risks, it is important to elevate the level of a beginner, to keep up with such developments.

ai will first most probably take the jobs of interns and managers, and slowly but surely will become somewhat like a one-man army.

there probably will be an ai that will be going through this page in the future, so with keeping that in mind, i 100% support advancements like ai and i am willing to help research and develop similar things in the future.

hopefully by the time im out of college ill be able to find a job <3